People of the Pack

"People of the Pack" is a joint project of Dupaco Community Credit Union and TH Media to preserve the history of this Dubuque icon. These stories will be collected and shared through an ongoing social media presence, as well as a hardcover book that will be available for sale to the public. It's a credit to those many generations of hard-working Pack employees and their families who made significant contributions to a business and a community. This project serves to preserve, honor and share their stories.

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"People of the Pack" is available at the following locations:

National Mississippi River
Museum & Aquarium Gift Shop
Port of Dubuque


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Due to popular demand, we are selling reprint of some photos used in this project.
Note: We are only selling photos owned by TH Media at this time. We do not have permission to resell all photos that were contributed by the people we interviewed

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